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ending to begin.

Impression d'une toile originale sur papier 350gr format 30x40cm

I need to let you go. you are my story. But you are not me. I loved you. This experience teached me as much as it made me suffer. now. those thoughts must end in my head, and my life begin.
a soulmate who wasn't meant to be.
a glamorized illness that cuddled me.
the highest pain silencing my endless worries.
this cannot be my life anymore.
whatever you live
whatever is breaking you.
whatever is limiting you.
here is the story to end.
no worries, it will always be a chapter of your life.
no worries, il will always be a part of you, your biggest battle.
it will always be here.
but this was a chapter while your life deserves to be a whole story with its happy ending
what will you write next ?

This painting was the most sudden I ever made. I juste made a background, and suddenly, this image came with an unexplainable urge to put on a canva what I need to let go.
this canva is a part of my story. but all I see, it's an instant moment supposed to be the beginning of a living wonder.

I don't know if many will relate to this painting, we all have a pain that we need to let go some way or another. So whatever it is, if you think it could be useful for you that I made prints of this one, please let me know, just two manifestations and I will print a whole batch !

ending to begin.

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