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Toile originale et unique, 30x40cm, peinture à l'huile et extraits Des Métamorphoses d'Ovide


 Pygmalion.there was a story of manwho sculpted a woman of a beauty no one could imagineso perfect and purethat he couldn't help but fall in love with hersuffering from the silence of the inert marbledreaming of a night he would never experiencedreaming of a skin he would never touchdreaming of a kiss he would never tastedreaming of a hand he would never holddreaming of words he would never hearthe fatality of lovethe love of beautythis painful lovea love answered with silencei wish the godscould hear the prayersof us loverscondamned to love someoneand her haunting thoughtsomeonewho would never love you


380,00 €Prix
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