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Impression d'une oeuvre originale réalisée à l'aquarelle, format 30x42cm

Papier 350gr


time won't stop, people are born, people die, comes rain or shine, the world keeps turning, faster and faster, our minds found lost, our acts found meanless. billion places, billion creatures, billion souls, billions ideas, billion wars and words of peace. years after years, decades feeling like seconds, seconds feeling like centuries.
how to find the answer in this world endlessly expanding in a limitless time and space?

but this world, is not complicated as we believe. our universe is simple and could be handle in a single world.
12 months, 12 hours, 12 signs.
4 winds, 4 elements, 4 seasons.
Return, return, return, return.

And thus life is not as complicated as we believe.
From birth to death and death to rebirth. And time as only one, or no real value.
The pace is the same.
Observe the world around you.
And you will find your rhythm.


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