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upiter’s Judgment Night ⚡️🥀
Oil on canvas

First Chaos.
From chaos, the Gods rose and the Titans erected.
Within this realm governed by limitless power and desires, humanity found its small heaven on Earth itself. With unconditional love and gratitude. With only hope and dreams, no fear of the future, thus, no fear of the Other.
This Golden Age of light and pure gesture was too beautiful to be a dream.
Matter and conciousness began to obsess humans. Individuality took control of humanity. Fear. Power. And this secret desire to reach the Upper skies, this secret desire to think higher than the Gods, was a slow but burning and harmful virus spreading through vile minds.
Light turned into a cold heart made of steel. Swords replaced embraces.
Until this vain desire to conquer the eternity turned noble steel into the soulless, hard emptiness of bronze.
Corpses on the lands.
Fire lighted by the respected ones to walk over the ashes of the normal and poor ones.
Earth, which used to be a promised land, rich and unconditionally giving, turned into the saddest wasteland.
This was the last age and chance given to this species, named, human.
Even the God of the Gods couldnt stand the disappointment.
So, unwillingly heartless and pitiless, while Astree couldn’t hold her tears from such a nightmare, Jupiter seized his great weapon, and in a matter of a breath, reduced this land and those foolish creatures, into nothingness.
Fire. Destruction. Nightmare. Evil. Apocalyptic downfall. And. Nothing.
Annihilation was the only way to let light, hope and great promises, to rise again.

Inspired by The Metamorphosis from Ovid 🥀

Jupiter's Judgment Night

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