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Oil on canvas


With a poem by Emily Dickinson

I live in a broken home
Abandoned in the absence of light
I left for a long journey
Looking for my place out in this world, for love and answers
Looking outside for acceptance and a sense of wholeness
Tired, I woke up everyday, running lost in the wilderness till night
Desperately looking for the finish line, the happiness I had been talked about
Their promised land
But now I want to come back home
Start from zero and maybe realize that the answer
The place of happiness, light and butterflies, was this point zero
From the beginning till the end
My body, shelter of my soul
Promise of life
My n'est
I'm opening the windows for the light to seep into your emptied space
Letting warmth reviving life
Bird's song and butterflies
Flying over the greenest grass and baby plants to take care of
Sweeping the dust from the past
Cherishing this safe place until the last.


650,00 €Prix
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