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The Golden Age ✨

Oil on canvas
Excerpt from The Metamorphosis Ovid in calligraphy

The Metamorphosis has always been my favorite book to find inspiration for my art. This book made me dream, made my imagine the most wonderful and surreal images. And in the first chapter, Ovid is describing the building of the human society through 4 ages. The first Age being the Golden Age, an age, of innocence, without war, without worries, without robbery and corruption, without money and other aspiration than one's well being. An age where the taste of a pure fruit brought more satisfaction than anything else. An age to find happiness in nature and community. An age, before the human brain drove mad. An age before greed. An age of love.
An age that seems so far from ours.
An age where all worries could go away, to just, drop the weight we have on our shoulders now.
An age to breathe.
An age where all we had, was to be, to exist, and cherish this existence.

Ovid's conception of the ages the society went through is just so exact while being written ages ago. I highly suggest you to read it. Just to make you dream a little

the Golden Age.

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