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Toile originale et unique, 40x40cm, peinture acrylique


isn't it amazing ?
since the beginning of time, the simple wheel has been turning each year, again and again and again
pushed by the living force of the sun
letting darkness win for our earth and mind to rest
letting light rebirth for all of us to flourish
turning each year
the zodiac wheel, this sky full of stars right upon or head
never changing
never doubting
never exhausting
just pushed by the strength to give birth, nourish life, and let sleeping when time is dead
isn't it just magic
how earth and water turn into soil
how air and fire make plants and trees arise
how the light on our skin let our passion and joy grow in the rythme of the sunflowers
how the darkness make us sleepy, but secured with the recolts of the last summer months
a simple wheel
since the beginning of time
a wheel no human can control
a wheel of pure life and gift
no human force
just nature and our whole universe embracing
their embrace sending us love and a earth to love and a sky to dream about


450,00 €Prix
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