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Peinture à l'huile originale et unique, format 45x60cm

Haiku de Jack Kerouac


try again.

i know it's hard to perceive the light from your ivory tower

locked down with your comfort

locked down with your hopeless thoughts and desires

everything seems to be a mess

and senseless

standing up our laying down

you never understand what's going on

i know it's hard to see the magic of the outside world

from your broken window

only letting a single ray of light seeping into your room and reaching your wretched skin

yet never feeling this magic shining into your heart and words

i know it's hard to keep going and try again what you've tried so many times

i know it's hard

but look at how beautiful you are

look at how much beauty there is in your dreams and passions

look at everything around you

look at all you could save and give life to

look at you

what a waste to give up on you

what a waste to let such a light being spoiled with darkness and unfaithfulness

take a moment

clean your mess and follow your breath

sing your words and embrace your world

love your dreams and bath in the stream

express your sadness and accept this word of happiness

open the window and feel the heat

the warmth of a living heart

the warmth of your living earth

get up and try again

kiss your pain and take your pen

write your story and never be ashamed

to embrace the new life of your spirit untamed


try again.

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