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Impression de haute qualité sur papier 350gr format 30x42cm.
Peinture originale réalisée à l'aquarelle et au stylo à encre.
Cadeau parfait pour toutes les femmes et déesses ici présentes.


we all come from this same sacred blood.
soaking up its divine energy.
the beauty. the strenght. the instinct. the will. the dignity. the the charm. the magic. the rightness. the hardness.

we all come from the same divine mother. and her we become.
the maiden, the woman, the aged one, leading our life with consciousness, and wisdom, building ourselves by discovering the senses, through pleasure, through instinct, because we are women, and we know where to find the truth. we survive through the darkest nights. our body reflecting the brightness of the moon.
we know.
and we follow.
our senses don't fool us.
as our third eye, and our words of spell.
our beauty is this same brightness.
curved, or tiny, 36 or 44,toned or well living, African or European, dreamer or righter of wrongs, rond face of shaped Jaws, blue eyes or brown.
we are all goddesses.
we all have the same light, the same magic, the same power inside us. the same heart.
the only difference between us, is hate, the blind eye, the self recognition, awareness and unawareness, jealousy or misunderstanding. denying ourselves is the only thing that divide us. as much as the denying from others.
But the truth will stands up through decades and centuries.
we are all goddesses.

we are all goddesses

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